Cosmetic Treatments

Is where certain procedures are used in a way to improve the overall appearance of a patient’s teeth, bite, gums and smile. Our dental practitioners take pride and a particular interest in cosmetic dentistry, as the professional and personal satisfaction at seeing someone regain their smile with confidence, is a wonderful thing to be able to provide to the people in our community.

Cosmetic procedures can include:

  • Orthodontics – specialise in the design, medium and control of dental aligners, to straighten, and align teeth, lips and jaws to achieve facial balance and symmetry.
  • Veneers - is a cosmetic procedure, where a thin layer of tooth coloured material can be applied to the forward-facing surfaces of individual teeth to improve cosmetic appearance.
  • Dental Implants - are a popular, and practical choice for many of our patients with missing or lost teeth, to replace both the functionality and ascetics, being especially well suited to those who do not wish to have, or can’t cope with traditional removable appliances.
  • Crowns – are much like veneers, where they improve the ascetics of teeth but as the whole tooth is now encased in a stable protective layer, which distributes pressure more evenly throughout the tooth structure which adds strength and durability.
  • Whitening – can either be preformed in the surgery or custom trays are made so at home whitening can be completed. Each whitening procedure is designed to give the client whiter and brighter teeth.

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