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Dental Implants

An Image Displaying a dental implant being addedDental Implants

Selecting a good implant is as important as finding a good Dentist………

Dental implants offer a permanent solution to tooth loss. They are strong and designed to look and function like real teeth, so you can chew and speak naturally.

We are using OSSTEM implants. Ranked 1st in Asia-Pacific and Korean markets and 6th globally, they are the fastest growing dental implant company expanding it’s presence in the dental markets worldwide.

This is a two stage system. The first stage is putting the Implant into the bone and the second stage is placing the crown on top.

Please call or email to enquire about the pricing and payment options we have available.

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    This is the best Dental service I have been to in my 34 years of age. They are so helpful and friendly to explain the process. All of the doctors here are experienced and supportive. I will always recommend them for any Dental Services.

    Sam Shehzad – Director Australia Apps

    I was always self-conscious of my teeth and how they looked. It wasn’t until I came here and saw Dr Baker that I now have a lot more confidence in myself and how I look. Thank you to the staff for helping me smile!


    Clayton Dental Clinic is a very nice place and lovely Clinic with great Dentists that care for each and every one of their patients.


    Dr Baker is a simply brilliant Dentist and caring human being. I’ve never had a Dentist who cares so much about my teeth and my general well-being.  I cannot recommend him highly enough.


    Thank you Dr Baker for being so caring and gentle. You are compassionate and truly an amazing Dentist.


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